all natural bath bombs

all natural bath bombs

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these dreamy bath bombs are made entirely with all natural ingredients; powdered oats, moisturizing oils, butters, essential oil + materials found in nature, such as lavender buds + flower petals. 

these bombs have soothing scents that is elevated by the addition of essential oils such as, rosemary, chai + bergamot.

baking soda, citric acid, fair trade shea butter, fair trade coco butter, avocado oil, oat powder, floral buds/plant material + essential oils
**this product is free from synthetic colours and fragrances

fill your bath with comfortably warm/hot water and add bath bomb + enjoy!

maker: Prairie Fire Soap in alberta 

***to ensure the bath bombs make it to you in good condition the bath bombs are shrink wrapped in our biofilm (biodegradable shrink wrap) but some of the flowers on top may still come loose
***the bath bomb does contain plant material that will not dissolve into the water
***this listing is for one bath bomb
*** all bath bombs are hand made, therefore there will be some variations in appearances

in rare cases, skin irritation may occur. always test this product on a small area of skin before initial use. please watch your step as you exit the tub as the oils in the bath bomb may cause the tub to become slippery. do not use if your skin is cracked, damaged, or sunburned. while this product is all natural it is intended for external use only (avoid contact with the eyes)


**due to the nature of these products we do not except returns